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Berry Center receives Celebration of Life award from Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center

Berry Center director, Beth Wade, sixth from left, and Berry Center senior event coordinator, Devon Perry, fifth from left, accept the Celebration of Life Award for Education Group of the Year from Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center staff, from left, Carol Mendez, account coordinator; Lisa Hodge, account manager; Sarah Goodman, donor recruitment manager; Theresa Pina, VP of operations; and Kevin Shipley, director of donor recruitment.

On Thursday, Nov. 10, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center presented the Berry Center administration with the Celebration of Life Award for Education Group of the Year. In 2020, Berry Center hosted 32 blood drives, collecting 1,011 products that can be used to save more than 3,000 lives.

"It's an honor to receive the award," said Berry Center director, Beth Wade. "We are proud to partner with the Blood Center to help our community and potentially save lives."

The Blood Center is the leading supplier of blood, biotherapies and related services, serving clients in the Texas Gulf Coast region and world wide. Their Commit for Life program, hosted in various locations across the region, is a partnership with communities focused on saving lives and permanently increasing blood supplies for health care providers across the state.

"In 2020, Berry Center was committed to being a consistent site where the community could come out and donate blood socially distant and safely," said Lisa Hodges, Gulf Coast Blood Center account manager. "They are a strong Commit for Life partner, continuing to host blood drives with us throughout 2021."

Blood drives have continued to be hosted at Berry Center throughout 2021 with various community promotions such as COVID-19 antibody testing, raffles and small gifts as a thank you for donors giving blood to save lives. The next blood drive at Berry Center is Nov. 17 from 9 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. by appointment only. Visit to book an appointment.

Learn more about Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center by visiting their website at

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