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   The Audio Visual Department is a full service technical event production company based in-house at the Berry Center.

   These services are created to offer a wide range of selections; however, you are not restricted to these options. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to create a unique design to meet your budget and help make your event spectacular.

   With top of the line AV equipment and industry experienced professionals we can provide lighting design, FOH and monitor mixing, video and recording, large screen projection services, and rigging as well as power services. No matter what the size, scale, vision or budget, the AV Department will make your event come to life.
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  JBL VTX Line Array System
System includes subs, side fills, BSS processing, monitors and rigging.

Allen and Heath "dLive" Console Package
System includes two iDR 64x48 connected by giga ace, two S7000 surfaces. FOH/Monitor setup.

Stage Monitor Speakers
JBL bi-amped monitor wedges, pricing per monitor up to 8. Wireless IEM available up to 8. Other speakers are available depending on need.

Shure ULX-D Wireless Microphone Package
Can be configured with up to 16 hand held or 16 lapel microphones; up to 16 microphones total.

Shure Microphone Drum Microphone Package
Package includes one Beta 52, four SM57, three SM81, and stands.

Choir Microphone Package
Package will include four Rode NT5 microphones with stands and cables.

Radial Direct Boxes
Available for guitars, keys, drum loops, video or computer audio needs.
Other microphones for recording, instrumentation or vocal needs are available.

Audio Labor
Audio Engineer, Audio Operator, Technical Crew


  Screen Package 1
One 17'x30' REAR HD projection screen with two BARCO HD projectors and rigging.

Screen Package 2
One 10'x18' REAR HD projection screen with one BARCO HD projector and rigging.

Production Package
4 HD cameras, camera control, cabling, 8 channel HD switcher.

Presentation Package
Includes laptop PC, one 24" confidence monitor, one HD document camera, one Analog Way HD switcher.

iMAC Package
Includes one iMAC with Pro Presenter software, graphics, one Matrox triple head to go.

Instant Replay Package
2 cameras with video switcher, replay controller, graphics overlay, MPEG 4 playback for live production.

Video Labor
Video Engineer, Video Projectionist, AV Technician, Camera Operator, Replay Operator


  Stage Wash Package
Includes up to 20 source four lights, 6 side lights, 6 backlights, dimmers, basic house lighting, and ETC ION console.

LED Color Wash Package
Includes 4 Wybron Cygnus washes, 16 RGBW LED washes.

Moving Light Package
8 Elation 1400 fixtures with either a spot or wash configuration.
Other lighting options are available upon request.

Lighting Labor
Lighting Director, Lighting Board Operator, Lighting Technician, House Light Operator, Spotlight Operator


  1 - 800 amp 3-Phase Disconnect
Disconnect is provided with CAM tails.

8 - 200 amp 3-Phase Disconnect
Disconnect is provided with CAM tails. Six are on the floor, two are on the catwalk.

Power Distro Box
We have several variations that we can provide. Please provide your specific needs.

Vendor Booth Power
This is for one 20 amp service.

Power Labor
Electrician, Electrical Coordinator, Vendor Booth Electrician


  Quarter Ton Chain Motor
CM motor with control and steel.

One Ton Chain Motor
CM motor with control and steel.

12" Box Truss
Black truss.

20" Box Truss
Black truss.

Thomas Super Truss
Black truss.

Rigging Labor
Rigging Technicians, 6 hour minimum with minimum of 3 riggers.

   Audio Visual Department Contact  
   281.894.3900 or