Have you ever said: “I need a vacation” or “I need a vacation from my vacation?” Why do we over-plan, over-schedule, and overdo our vacations? Why do we not take well deserved vacations to recharge our batteries due to this thing called life or being an adult?

Here are some common reasons: We have a fear of missing out and we are used to over functioning in our regular lives, so we take this same energy on our vacations. As a result, we create lengthy itineraries, schedule many locations to see, and try to visit too many people. But what we often need is less, not more. We need simplicity!!

The following tips will show you how.

1. Go somewhere where your nervous system can relax. In other words, when you think of a place that creates calm and peace in the mind, where do you go? Is it the beach, out of town, or out of the country? For me its hunting. Find a balance between a place you\your significant other or your kids (if you’re bringing them along) can enjoy. If you’re bringing the kids, it’s a must to ensure there are activities for the whole family. This allows you some downtime away from parenting!!

2. Don’t over schedule it. This means stick to one location for a period (a few days or even the entire vacation). Only aim to do a few things each day, such as read by the pool, make the family one meal, do something active, spend quality time with your significant other, etc. The aim is to try not to do too much in one day. If you think it might be too much, then it probably is.