Token Winner: Ana Zabaleta

Nominated by: Claudia Portillo

Ana Z did an amazing job sewing the new AV screens.  This will be used during RRR.  Thank you Ana for using your skills and helping AV.

The leadership committee approved granting 2 tokens each to BSC Roy, Lewis and Reginald and Claudia and Majibi.  On Friday May 25 a client came into the office at 7:40am saying she didn’t get the coffee and water she had order.  There was no one scheduled in catering.  Sandy radioed asking if anyone knew how to make coffee.  Hearing the call, Lewis, Roy and Reginald came in from the outside and Claudia and Majibi headed to start the pot telling Sandy “We got this!”  By 8am the coffee and water was set up. 

The client told Sandy how impressed she was with Berry Center staff.  She said “I don’t know how you do what you do at the speed you do it”.  Great job team!

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