Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Congrats to all the token winners from the month of March!

Fun Run

The Superintendent, Mark Henry, awarded each campus or department with a medallion coin for more than 10 percent participation and a Century Club member. See the coin at Deanna’s desk!

Our participants were: Beth, Brent, Devon, Anila, Sean, Lewis, Roy, Ed, Cisco, and Mark Flores. 1 Token each awarded to: Devon, Anila, Sean, Lewis, Roy, Ed, Cisco, and Mark Flores.

1 token awarded to all who participated in the 2019 Superintendent's Fun Run & Festival

Rodeo Art Exhibit

Awarded to: Jasmine and Madelyn

2 Tokens each to Jasmine and Madelyn

From Lee in the visual arts department:

"I wanted to let you both know that Jasmine Shannon did a great job being accommodating and using intuition to resolve potential problems for the district wide rodeo exhibit. Also Madeleine, that oversaw the cookie trays that night, helped put out signs last minute at the cookie tables to discourage students from having a pile of cookies in their hands and she is always so friendly asking me about my day when I am at DLT meetings. It brightens my day that she remembers me from the rodeo event and asks me about upcoming art events when I see her. Please let them both know how much the visual art program appreciates them.

Andy Lends a Hand

Andy Klarer spent two weeks in February at ISC creating the 2019 Bond video in English and Spanish for the District. Here is the note from Leslie Francis thanking him for his patience and dedication to this project and allowed the District to benefit from his animation expertise:


I recently heard at a seminar that you should thank someone seven times before asking them for something again. I owe you a few more prior to Bond 2025!

I appreciate your willingness to produce the CFISD Bond 2019 video. You were incredibly patient with me every step of the way, from the logo, to the template, to the music, to the photos and especially my gazillions of edits. I am sure you have a new appreciation of photos of hands and phones! You ultimately delivered exactly the product that we needed – in English and Spanish. Thank you again!

3 tokens awarded for a significant contribution to CFISD and the Communication Department

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