Submitted by: Beth Wade and Nicole Williamson

Awarded to: Marleny, Heather & Sandra

Today Sarah Harty, Principal of Cy Lakes High School, stopped Nicole and me to thank the Food & Beverage dept. for allowing her special needs students to come to Berry Center every Monday and work in the kitchen for 1.5 hours. Ms. Harty said the result of interaction with Marleny, Heather and Sandra has helped these students develop social skills (basic stuff like talking, making eye contact when you speak to someone) and Ms. Hardy said one student named Chris was especially benefitting from his interaction with Marleny who took the time to speak to him in Spanish.

Alex helped to provide translation and training assistance for the custodial team at the Berry Center at a recent custodial staff meeting. Claudia and her team were extremely thankful!

Great job Alex!

Gaby Pozas made sure to reach out to thank Andy and Anila for their assistance: “ I just wanted to thank you both for all the help with our vinyl cutter. You always go above and beyond and we do really appreciate everything you do for Community Engagement!”

One Act Play a real success!

“Dear Terri and Berry Center Crew (Stephanie R., Cole A., Daniel L., Alex C.),

Thank you so much for all your help during zone and district contest! Our Students had a wonderful time and a big part of that was because of you and your crew! Thank you for your hard work and time to support CFISD Theatre students! –Langham Creek HS Theatre”

Thanks Austin!

From Jasmine to Austin:

“Austin took time out of his work day to help me with my 30/30 video. Not only was he helpful, but he was really encouraging through the whole process and edited the video multiple times until it was perfect. I couldn’t have done it without him.”

Way to go Andy!

From Bevin to Sean:

“I am excited about the video that Andy did for the VIPS appreciation event. His video is going to elevate the Board’s cool bit to the Board’s awesome bit! I am so grateful for his remarkable collaboration. Thank you so Much, Bevin”

Maria Ceron understands the importance of See Something-Say Something!

“On Saturday night, April 27, during the Woods JROTC banquet Maria Ceron went into the custodial closet in the Atrium Men’s room.  In the first stall she saw the legs of a male and female.  Maria reported it immediately to me.  I entered the men’s room and called out to the pair.  The door opened to find a dad putting his daughter’s (she was maybe 6 years old) pajama’s on.  I apologized for the interruption and said when we see 2 pairs of legs in one stall, we are going to find out what’s going on.  The man found me 10 minutes later and thanked us for our concerned that nothing inappropriate was going on.

Maria exemplified the motto “see something, saying something”. 

-Beth Wade”

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