Berry Center Concessions Warehouse Supervisor, Cliff McCmorick was recently injured on the job as a result of heavy lifting. Below is a brief review by Cliff regarding team lifting and communication.

Workplace communication is very important especially when lifting heavy items with a co-worker. Active non-verbal communication skills such as listening, eye contact and body language become a factor when it comes to team communications. Delivering too much information can be as counter-productive as delivering too little information.  How we communicate is dependent on the context of the situation.  For example in my case in the concessions department we occasionally lift up to 100lbs. We do it by utilizing the forklifts, hand trucks, and heavy duty flatbed carts to get the job done.  Our main goal is to make sure customers/clients have the greatest experience when visiting the Berry Center.  One of my mottos I have learnt in the 12 years of working in warehouses is “you leave as you came” meaning we want everyone to make it home safe and sound. Communication plays a pivotal role in making sure our employees make it home in one piece.

Team lifting is used more often than any other lifting technique here, and verbal and non-verbal communication can make the difference between going home and going to Urgent Care.


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