2019 Berry Center Staff Halloween Party

By Jasmine Shannon

They did it again!! The Berry Center custodial department wiped the floor with us and won the group costume contest. Rightfully so, I must add. But how?! Where do they get these costumes? Where do they get the ideas? These are the questions that plague me as I stuff my face with Halloween party pizza.

My curiosity got me into a little investigation, and I came to find that Anna Z. is the mastermind behind it all. Not only does Anna sew all the costumes herself, but she also designs and fits them to each custodial member by memory alone.

Anna learned these skills when she was 19 while attending a sewing academy in El Salvador where she eventually received her diploma. She and one other woman were at the top of their class. The academy specifically trains their students to design and sew without having to measure the client or using a pattern. For those of you that don’t know how to sew, sewing clothes without a pattern is incredibly difficult, but for Ana Z., it is almost natural. 

While living in El Salvador as a young woman, Anna used to make all her own clothes. Now she spends her time thinking of new ideas for Halloween costumes. Anna revealed to me that she started working on the Disney costumes over a month before the party and some costumes took over 6 hours to create such as Kevin’s (Cinderella’s Prince). “There were a lot of details in that costume,” Anna explained, “but the details are my favorite part.”

When I asked Anna what she has planned for next year she replied, “I think I am going to take a break next year to give another group a chance to win.”


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