Building on last month’s customer service theme, I decided to post some ideas about how we can deliver the best customer service here at Berry Center. Every department plays a vital role in it. It seems that most days we meet someone that has not ever been to the Berry Center. The comments are always like, “This place is big”, “When was it opened”, “This place looks brand new”, “It’s always so clean”. These quotes are compliments to all of us. We work hard to clean, paint, make sure the room set-ups are in order, AV set, the food prepared?

Though the course of a week we see many of our district family as well as new faces. We greet them with a smile and ask if we can help them find the room they are looking for. Over the years we have built many great relationships because of our customer service and our hard work. I would like to offer you a few more tips to build on what we are already doing.

Tips for delivering the spectacular!

1. Many of us are in the Atrium at any given time. Walk by Entrance 2 or 3 and see if someone is walking in the door. Meet them and say hello. Hold the door for them. Ask if you can assist them with finding their meeting place.

2. Take a walk with them and personally show them to the meeting room.

3. Find out when meeting breaks will be and check with them to make sure everything is going well.

4. At the end of the meeting, ask if everything went well. Offer assistance to help them pack up or get a cart for them if something needs transported to their vehicle.

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