Congratulations to Majibi Ayus, custodial staff member, who was sworn in as a United States citizen at a naturalization ceremony on August 21 at the Campbell Center in Aldine. Majibi said to apply you have to be a permanent resident for 5 years, pass a background check and answer lots of questions about your background and family and have no speeding tickets. The government gives you 100 question topics to study which includes American history, governing systems (city, state and country) constitution, laws…she said it takes very intense study to be prepared to answer the 5-6 questions you will be tested on. We are all so very proud of you Majibi!

Also at the ceremony was Gaby Pozas, Community Engagements secretary, her husband and 3 children who all became citizens of the United States on that day.

Marc Newman, BSC Lead, and his wife Kathy, made it to Chicago on time Friday, August 23 to be there for the birth of their 3rd grandchild, Audrey Katherine. Audrey’s parents are son Eric Newman and his wife Kaitlyn. Here’s an interesting tidbit: Eric and Kaitlyn both have an identical twin. Another fun fact about the family, both Marc and his daughter-in-law were born in Chicago and then moved away before they were 6 months old. Audrey will also be able to make that claim when she and her parents move to the Woodlands in the fall…making grandpa Marc very happy to spend more time with her!

Big shout out to Andy Klarer, AV staff member, for suggesting we install a bottle filling station on the atrium drinking fountain for our guests to fill their reusable cup. Brent found a good one that provides great tasting cold filtered water and has a counter to show the # of times waste was eliminated from a disposable plastic bottle.

Several staff and guests have complimented the pleasing grounds at the Berry Center. Just wanted to let all staff know that Francisco and Ed do a great job, and they also do get a lot of help from the entire BSC team keeping the property looking great.

If you hadn’t noticed, the custodial team have spent many months outside pressure washing and keeping the building looking really clean. AV and F&B have also spent time in the hot weather getting everything ready for football at both stadiums.

Just wanted to say thanks to all the staff that brave the hot summer days outdoors keeping the Berry Center looking top notch and ready for events!

Please let me know any special event in your life so we can share with all the staff!


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