Staff News | Dec. 2018/Jan. 2019

Berry Giving Tree

for Prince of Peace Catholic Church's


Our donations were delivered this past Saturday! We successfully met our goal, and were able to provide a family with multiple gifts and stockings for 4 children, a gift for the family and a gift card for a Christmas dinner!

Thank you to everyone who contributed!


1st Place: Admin Office

Honorable mentions: AV & Catering

We will miss JA Inspire and 3 days of CFISD 8th graders!

Message from Jennifer Anderson, EVP Education, Junior Achievement of Southeast Texas

Good evening and I apologize. I have been remiss in not reaching out to you both earlier. I’m sure you’ve heard that JA Inspire at the Berry Center is no longer. As you are well aware, it is not reflection on your amazing facility and staff. Teachers and students really valued the smaller interaction of the industry presentations so we are taking those to each campus during the month of February.

I wanted to let you both know what a joy it has been to work with you and your team. Your professionalism, talents, skills and expertise are amazing! I truly believe there is not a team elsewhere that holds a candle to you. Despite all the challenges of thousands of students in one spot each day, I always looked forward to coming out to the Berry Center. From top to bottom, beginning to end, you and your team made us and everyone who came feel welcome, appreciated, competent, and successful. In addition to all that you did for all the students, you taught me and my staff so much about putting the customer first and hosting a world-class event.

I will treasure the opportunities I had to work with you and I hope that I will have the chance to continue seeing you in the future. I send my best regards to everyone and hope that you have a very special and blessed holiday season!

Great work is always our goal. Creating extraordinary client experiences takes everyone on our staff.

On November 23, 2019 our theatre was the chosen venue for the NAACH dance event. It featured many dancers with lots of technology. All cues were done with video and lights and the result was a client with an extraordinary experience.

The quote from Mahesh the director of NAACH;

“Terri You and your team are simply amazing, I loved 2019 working at the berry center, it’s YOU who makes it so special.”

“The show was rocking Love to everyone and a big hug to all special shout out to Cole he’s amazing”

Thanks to the whole staff that worked the event, Terri, Cole, Blake, Emily and Alex. Extra thanks to Cole with a “shout out” from the client. Also, thanks to Mike, James, Larry and others for help on leading the building of the video wall. The look for the event ended up fantastic, great job! It took many people from our production staff to prep so that our theatre is successful. Great Job working together!

~ Sean Ramsey, assistant director


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