From: Mary Lou Rodriguez, Secretary for Elementary and Middle School Guidance and Counseling

To: Andy (AV), Sandy, and Christy

I would like to thank the staff who assisted me by delivering laptops to our Middle School Coordinating Counselor meeting this morning in Conference Room B. I did not realize that I had not ordered the 30 laptops for the meeting this morning, and they took care of it with no hesitation.

Devon commended Sandy and Christy for handling the request quickly which also called for power stations to be added, and noted that Andy was quick to get everything setup and periodically checking in with the client.

2 Tokens each

From: Mike Staton (BSC Lead)

To: Andy Martinez (BSC temporary)

Andy and I were under the visitor side working on a painting project, while another temporary BSC, Luis, was putting out signs on the box offices for the next game. Andy noticed Luis carrying Cy Ridge signs. Andy verified with me that is was supposed to be Cy Ranch, so we stopped Luis from putting the wrong signs. Andy thought it would be wrong to let it go and instead helped by seeing something and saying something.

1 Token

From: Beth Wade

To: Christy (Admin)

With the new logo design and colors, we have been slowly changing everything teal to one of the shades of blue. The Guest Services new royal blue vest are ready to debut in October. We were discussing packing up the old vests and giving the crew the new one. I said “I really hate the waste the old vest but I just don’t know what to do with them.” Christy responded by saying the kids in elementary schools are always looking for something to cover the kids clothes when they paint or do art. They use men’s shirts even if they are huge. Christy suggested we give them to Fine Arts. We reached out to Lee Carrier who is over all the art teachers. Lee responded to the offer by thanking us “for thinking about the Fine Arts students! I think elementary art teachers would definitely take them off your hands.”

Thank you Christy for showing initiative to come with a great idea that will allow us to repurpose a piece of equipment we no longer need and will help out CFISD elementary students.

1 Token

From: Beth Wade

To: Anila (AV)

On Saturday, Sept. 28 around 2:45pm I received a call from Chief of Police Eric Mednez asking me to check the arena schedule for dates to host the funeral services for Deputy Dhaliwal who was murdered in the line of duty on Friday. I was told to expect a call from the sheriff’s department to work out the details. As I waited for that call to come in, I asked Anila Hardin who is from Asia if she knew anything about the Sikh religion. She told me her father is Sikh and she had attended the Sikh funeral for her grandmother. We had about 10 minutes to overview when the Sheriff’s Department called. Anila continued to feed me questions throughout the call. When we hung up Anila called her dad to learn if she had missed anything. 40 minutes later an entourage of sheriff’s and members of the deputy’s family arrived to tour the facility. Anila was able to ask more questions and by speaking in Hindi to get an understanding of the needs. She attended the Monday planning meeting with staff and officers and was assigned the task of working the stage area for the services. Anila donned the traditional scarf worn by women called a Duppatta and was available to the Deputy’s family the entire time. I watched the family embrace her and thank her for the kindness she demonstrated to them.

Anila’s cultural background and kind spirit was essential to help Berry Center staff meet every need of the religious service to honor this hero. I am personally very grateful for her counsel and support.

Anila “Above and Beyond” her duties so we all could be successful and deserves the maximum recognition available for “Berry” Good work.

Awarded 5 Tokens


Just a note to share a shout out for your staff member Michael Staton!  He was here bright and early this Saturday morning to assist us with set-up for our Houston Area Coop.  We were a few tables short of what was needed and Michael kindly stepped up to complete the set-up and helped us to start on time.  Please know his efforts were MOST appreciated!

As always, we appreciate everything the Berry Center does to support our programs and thank you for always giving the “lagniappe” in all you do. J

Wishing you a great day!

Katrina Nelson

Director of Advanced Academics

2 Tokens awarded

From Beth Wade

To: Marleny Ruiz

The 2nd Monday of every month we provide a space for the Harris County Health Department to provide immunizations to CFISD students.  We try to find them a space in Conf Room A or the Entrance 3 area to hold the clinic.  Occasionally we hear a child cry and be upset as a result of receiving the shot. As hard as it is to hear, it usually is over in a second or two. 

On Monday, Sept. 9, one little guy set a new level of being upset that NONE of us have ever heard.  He cried and screamed at a 120dB for several minutes.  The child got louder and louder making it hard for staff in admin, AV, F&B Managers office, Catering Coordinator to stay focused.  At the time I remember thinking if this child was in the movie Monster, Inc. he easily could have fill the daily scream quota for any monster!

As the rest of us considered closing our doors and wait it out, Marleny decided to reach out to the child and comfort him.  She did so by taking him a sucker.  Child put it in his mouth and calmed right down ending the screaming and crying for ALL.

I am nominating Marleny for a Berry Good Recognition Token for her kindness to bring a little happiness to a child in great distress with “lagniappe!” (something extra and unexpected).  Great job! 

3 Tokens Awarded

Nominated by Devon: Imona

She recognized that there were no chairs in the back Voms for DLT.  I was unaware that this was something that was needed and only thought it had been copied and pasted so I deleted since Donnetta was not aware of it either.  It turns out it is needed for police to use since they are in full gear and cannot sit in the theatre stairs


He noticed that AV was setting the room backwards for DLT in Rams/Hub and alerted me of it.  I got with him and Sean Ramsey to see if there were any other options for AV and there were not at this time so he would flip the room set up to match the AV equipment.

1 Token each

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