Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Submitted by: Nicole Williamson

To: Majibi Ayus (Custodial)

Outstanding reasons for nomination:

During the Chamber Luncheon in January, Majibi noticed that Nicole was working all alone and needed help to clean and scrape the dirty dishes. She jumped right in to help Nicole! (1 Token awarded)

Submitted by: Beth Wade

To: Terri Batcheller, Larry Brehm, Daniel Life (AV)

Outstanding reasons for nomination:

On Sat. Jan 19 we hosted CFISD Dance Show off. Due to high winds, we lost power 3 times. The first 2 times the power came right back on. The 3rd time, around 3pm it went off during the middle of a performance and stayed off for 34 minutes. We had 6 more performances and the finale left to perform.

I immediately saw Larry and Daniel talking through options to continue the show. A couple of the dance teachers brought their portable sound speakers to the mix board. They told Larry, Terri and Daniel that the speakers were charged. They discussed how to daisy chain the speakers together around the dance area to provide enough sound so the dancers and audience to finish the show. The next issue was how to get power to the mixing board. I knew there was an orange/red plug in Athletics that was connected to the emergency generator (but it was a long way from the board). I called Sean Ramsey who said there were emergency plugs in the electrical rooms around the inner loop of the arena (as the same time Marc Newman told AV.) AV brought cords for 15AMP plugs but we needed regular extension cords to get up and running. They called BSC to bring theirs to the rooms. Cords were run through the halls, connected to the mixer, added a wired microphone and were ready to turn everything on. Just at that moment the power came back on.

When the power went off, the staff immediately went in “problem solving mode”. They calmly reviewed options and collaborated with teachers and Tim Estelle for other solutions. They displayed professionalism, initiative and creativity. Although other staff members responded to requests for equipment, Terri, Larry and Daniel lead the group and are very deserving of “Berry Good” recognition.

As a follow up, and thanks to these ideas, Sean is researching rapid response battery powered portable sound systems to have on hand at Berry Center and a new emergency procedure to use them in this kind of situation!

(3 Tokens awarded each)

Submitted by: Brent Buchanan

Name of Nominee(s): Alicia Garcia

Outstanding reasons for nomination:

Alicia went above and beyond last Thursday when the Tour Manager presented us with TobyMac’s blood stained lucky white jeans from an on-stage injury the night before. They would trust no one on the tour to try and save them, but Alicia saved the day and was able to make them look like new lucky white jeans.

Submitted by: Brent Buchanan

Name of Nominee(s): Mike Mallette

Outstanding reasons for nomination:

Mike recognized the need to assist on the concourse when students wandered into the arena last Friday. We are charged to keep people out of the arena when concerts are setting up or rehearsing. Thanks Mike for the quick thinking to re-direct the students.

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