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Marleny Ruiz

My name is Marleny Ruiz, I was born in Colombia a country with Catholic Tradition, I grew up with my parents, my Sisters and my brothers. As children we created a tree with dry branches, and decorated it with cotton and lights, we met with our neighbors and celebrated our Christmas Catholic festivities. My parents died and we still met with our kids and nephews.

Today I have my own family and they follow Catholic traditions. My children and I decorate our tree together every year, and we cook our favorite food. My little daughter love to open the present, she always enjoyed. I hope they will always be together like me with my brothers and sisters, and never lose their Christmas spirit.

Devon Perry

I enjoyed the morning of Christmas and waking up to eat sausage cheeseballs for breakfast every morning with my family. We would make them the night before and stick them in the fridge so they could be put in the oven first thing in the morning. The rule was we could not start opening presents until the sausage cheeseballs were ready and I keep that tradition alive to this day.

Jasmine Shannon,


This tradition happened on accident about 6 years ago and has now become a tradition. Every year in our stocking, no matter age or size, is a cheap dollar store Nerf Gun and a pack of Nerf Bullets. The room that was once filled with joy and cheer becomes a game of coordination, stealth, and speed. The living rooms filled with opened boxes, wrapping paper, and bows becomes a battle zone, no place for the weak. We take no mercy on the youth. The more you shoot, the more you get shot at, and the more bullets you have to reload. I’m getting Nerf War II flash backs just writing about it.

It’s a goofy little tradition and it lasts about 10 min but it is my favorite part of the holiday festivities.

Carlos Chamarro

My Nicaraguan traditions are to stay awake until midnight and open gifts (those that can stay awake)! The grownups can make a toast at midnight as well! We had multi colored lights on the tree and stuffed chicken or nacatamal. The joy of the Christmas holiday is family getting together, and calling those that can’t be together.

Maria Ceron

The holiday season is here and there are many holiday traditions that families have. Every country has its own unique holiday traditions. Born and raised in Mexico, I grew up with a lot of unique traditions, especially during the Christmas season. One of my favorite traditions is when families slowly swing the baby Jesus at 12am. In Mexico, most people celebrate Christmas to celebrate Jesus’s birth. Christmas should not only be a time for presents from Santa Claus, instead it should be a time to enjoy time with the family and acknowledge the true meaning of Christmas.

Christy Aponte

My cousins and our parents would get together on Christmas Eve. Now we have our own families and pass on the tradition. We open gifts at midnight on Christmas Eve. We have appetizers, tamales and desserts for Christmas. Our tree has different colors and ornaments every year, we donate the previous year’s ornaments. Traditions are special…pass them on to your children and family.

Nicholas Serna

Going to spend the holidays at my great grandmother’s house and seeing all the family I wouldn’t see throughout the year was special to me. My favorite memory was spending Christmas in Disney World! One tradition we have is we all go to my dad’s parents house on Christmas Eve and open presents that night. We always eat turkey, stuffing, ham, mashed potatoes, corn casserole, etc…I feel it’s the traditional Christmas meal. We always put up our tall live 12 ft Christmas tree at my parent’s house. Remember to not just be thankful, giving and joyful during the holidays, but every day!

Sandra Reyes

My holiday tradition that I enjoy the most is Christmas because all my family gets together from their busy schedules, to make time for each other. We celebrate Christmas on December 24th with Guatamalan based traditional dishes such as tamales, fruit punch served hot, roast beef, with rice and beans. Desserts served is sweet potato with marshmallow, homemade cheesecake with hot chocolate. After enjoying our traditional meals together, we await midnight to open our Christmas gifts gathered under our Christmas tree. On Christmas day, we eat leftovers for breakfast at my house, and relax for the rest of the day. In the evening, we go to the movie theaters to end the holiday festivities.

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