I really hope you each have had a chance to enjoy some time off this summer!

Since the venue meeting/trade show I attend every summer was in Chicago (2.5 hours from our family lake house) I decided to spend July in MI and left on June 27. I did not plan anything special other than to enjoy the lake, cooler weather, family and friends! My days were spent in the paddling in a kayak, boat rides with the neighbors, shopping trips in all the little town along the Lake Michigan coast line with my high school friends and reading some great books while taking naps on the porch cots listening to the lake. (I highly recommend you read the book Where the Crawdad Sing…could not put it down.) I did do some work logging on the computer to approve purchase orders or checking on emails. I will admit though that completing those tasks wearing shorts with a view a beautiful lake makes them flow a whole lot faster!

My mom always called taking a break from our routine to recharge your body and spirit mental hygiene. She believed that cleaning up your mind and thoughts was equally important as caring for your physical hygiene. Once again Mother is ALWAYS right.

Brent, Devon, Jasmine and I all had a great time at the International Association of Venue Manager’s (IAVM) meeting in Chicago at the end of the month. I have been a member of IAVM for over 30 years, so for me its like attending a high school class reunion, seeing the friends and colleagues that have helped shape my career.

I have participated on a lot of IAVM committee’s and boards over the years as my way of giving forward to others. This year at a reception I received from IAVM Chair, Michael Marion, CVE, a Chair Citation award in appreciation for my Leadership, Service, Commitment and Respect. Michael has been a friend and mentor to me for many years and is one of the smartest people in our business. I was very honored that he would choose me for this acknowledgement!

I will say I was ready to come back to work with all of you on July 29. I am excited about our staff In Service on August 28. Brent and the Leadership Team have been working to create a dynamic agenda of topics and exercises to get us charged and ready for the new year. Our keynote speaker is Dr. Henry. Hope you will submit your votes for the employee awards. It will be fun!!

So welcome to a new year! I know our 14th year in operation will be Berry Center’s best because of you and your commitment to CFISD! Thank you for being a member of our team.


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