Have you looked at the metal doors around the building lately? If you haven’t, I encourage you to take glance. They all have fresh paint! This is a fraction of what several BSC staff members do behind the scenes to keep up the appearance of the building.

In an attempt to preserve the doors, I asked all BSC staff to design a door wedge that they now carry with them at all times (minus breaks and lunch). They use this wedge when they encounter a door that needs to stay open to pass a cart of tables, chairs or any bulky object that might damage any door. I encourage everyone to also assist us with the building maintenance issue and use a wedge if applicable when they pass big\bulky objects that might damage the doors.

The 1st place winner of the contest will receive a lunch from me at Fogo De Chao. Our second place winner received a Lowes bucket, hat, pen, and a scratch off ticket.

Congratulations Jonathan Rodriguez 1st place (The Forest) and Roy Sanchez 2nd place (Racecar)!!


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