Cy-Fair HS 20 Year Reunion; from Bob Covey, CFISD Board Member:

My Sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU for coming together for the 20th Reunion of the Cy Fair HS Alumni . I know how busy each of you are and I know that this was a small event in the grand scale of CY FAIR happenings across our Awesome District, but I could not be more impressed with each of you, your teams, your employees and your attitude of support. So grateful to Teresa Hull , Ana Martin and Ray Zepeda who helped us get the ball rolling...

Having the opportunity to show off our renovated Pridgeon stadium was so great. Beth Wade's group were spectacular. The Alums were so impressed with how the venue has changed, as I am each time I go to an event there. I have always been proud of the Berry Center, but seeing what we do to preserve and update existing facilities makes me even more proud, and honored to serve on the Board. The Students from Cy Fair Choir program could not have been more impressive, as hosts for the tours of Cy Fair High School. And the Alum were so taken with them and heard many compliments from those in attendance. I understand a little " sing song" even happened unexpectedly...How awesome! Then to have Coach Pustejovsky and Coach Sierra ( a student during this class's time too) drop by for a visit on Saturday, and Principal Ana Martin to visit the Community Room at Pridgeon on Friday night just made them all feel very special. You astonish me and make me proud everyday!

Thank you so very much...

Bob R. Covey

Dear Beth,

Time has gotten away from me, but I would be remiss if I didn’t stop and take a minute to talk about our Special Education Paraprofessional Training that occurred on August 20th and 21st.

I struggle with deciding where to start because it all worked perfectly from the moment we set this up. Devon makes the planning part so easy! He’s easy to work with and he makes any request seem like an easy task. We brainstormed some of the logistics and he took his time sharing the options. Although he is very busy, he made it seem as if he had all of the time in the world for any question I might have.