"The Berry Center staff was amazing today!  The food, AV, setup and decorations were all top notch. I know how challenging an event of that scale can be. It was flawless."

~ Darin Crawford, Nutrition Services

"A huge thank you from all of us on the CFISD Cinema Team for your major role in making our best of the best CFISD Teachers feel like the superheroes they are.

From the warm Welcoming Greeters, to the comforting Sign In Greeters, to the exciting Step & Repeat managers and photographers that really got the teachers feeling like Hollywood - down to the beautiful arena and the ultra-talented Berry Center team who worked tirelessly to ensure the video, audio, food, ushering, chairs, and all the other unsung behind the scenes happenings that really made the teachers feel as special as they deserve.

The event itself was amazing as well - from Greeters to Guiders, to Presenters who ensured the right teacher was in place and felt lifted up instead of worried. Teresa was such an awesome MC! And to top it off, the unexpected yet classy request from Dr. Henry to have the crowd cheer teachers like they do professional athletes.

Lots of social media posts from teachers, families, and administrators prove that your efforts really impacted the hearts of everyone who came. And next year, Dr. Henry challenged us to fill the entire arena!

In an effort to ensure to continuously improve, we would love to hear what you think worked well and where we can make things better. Feel free to drop me an email and we will certainly address it or keep it!

Once again, thank you from the CFISD Cinema team!"