Service recognition

Sandy Tilton, Financial Coordinator: 20 Years

Sandy has been with the district since 2008. She started at Milsap as a volunteer while her kids were little and later hired on. I met her in 2005 when she was working in Property and Records. Sandy came to work at Berry Center 13 years ago.

Blanca Rodriguez, Food Service Support Staff: 15 years

In 2005 joined CFISD at Cy Springs as a cafeteria worker before coming to Berry Center in 2008, spend a year with Food production and then came back to work at Berry Center.

Ana Aguilera, Custodial support staff: 20 years

Ana A joined the Berry Center team 2008 full time after spending 12 years at Cy Falls for the food service department. She also worked part time here in the kitchen. Claudia got to know her while working Second Baptist on Sunday. Claudia said one day she heard Ana knocking on the door and they started talking. Ana was interested in a year round position and transferred here

Congratulations Blanca, Ana and Sandy for your years of service to CFISD and Berry Center. We are so happy you are a member of our team!

Always on Time July 1 to March 31 (Multiple winners)

Full-Time staff members at the Berry Center that have no tardies (6 or more minutes late), per the Handbook.