Are dogs allowed at Craters of the Moon?

No dogs are not allowed at any time on the walk for health and safety reasons.

Is the path wheelchair accessible?

Wheelchairs are permitted but some areas of the path are more difficult to navigate than others. The path is mostly boardwalk but it is recommended that you have a person to assist in areas where there is a gravel path.

Can you use a childrens pushchair or pram?

Pushchairs are fine on the lower, mostly flat loop track, but not recommended for the steeper lookout track.

Is there public transport to and from the Craters of the Moon?

There is no bus service at present, but a taxi can be arranged by the kiosk staff if you wish to arrange transport back to the township of Taupo.

Where can I buy tickets for entry?

Tickets can be purchased at the kiosk at the start of the walk.

Do I need to pre-book?

Bookings are not necessary, although if you are a large group it is advisable to let us know ahead of time.

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