Will concessions be open?

Yes, concessions (snacks and drinks) are available on the concourse and main levels.

Are wheelchairs available?

Yes, wheelchairs are available with wheelchair escorts. However, due to a limited number of wheelchairs, the wheelchairs may not remain with you during the concert.

When may I enter Berry Center for the concert?

Concert attendees may enter the building 1 hour prior to the scheduled concert time.

Do you have a ADA dropoff area?

Yes, the driveways in front of the stairs on either side of the building are designated dropoff areas. Please do not park or block the driveway after dropoff.

Do you have elevators?

Yes, at entrances 2 and 3.

Does it cost to park?

Parking fees are included in all ticket prices. There is no additional fee to park the day of the event.

May a bring a camera for photos and/or video?

Yes, cameras are allowed, but professional photography equipment such as tripods/lights/shades are prohibited. DSLR Cameras with non super telephoto lenses (less than 200mm) are acceptable.

Are strollers allowed?

No, strollers are prohibited in Berry Center due to narrow aisles.

Where should I enter Berry Center for the concert?

Entrances 2 and 3.

Can I bring my own food?

No, outside food and drink is prohibited.