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  Why was the Berry Center built?
The Richard E. Berry Educational Support Center (Berry Center) was built in response to the 2001 Bond Steering Committee's evaluation of the district's need for a multi-purpose facility for instructional activities, convocations, staff training's, graduations, etc.; a second athletic stadium; and a Food Distribution Center for the west-side of the district. The Berry Center was included in the 2001 Bond Election, which was approved by 85% of the voters.

When was the Berry Center open?
The building was open in time for CFISD graduation ceremonies in May 2006.

How much did it cost?
The bond authorization budget for the Berry Center, the second athletic stadium, and the Food Distribution Center was approximately $84 million.
  • The district saved $4 million in parking lot costs by placing the educational support center and the second athletic stadium on one site.
  • The five facilities comprising the Berry Center – arena, conference center, theater, athletic stadium, and food distribution center – cost $80 million.
How is the Berry Center used by the district?
This facility is large enough to accommodate many student and parent activities such as:
  • 11 High School graduations;
  • Math and science instructional camps;
  • Teacher and staff training's;
  • College and Career Night;
  • Horizons (G/T) Showcase;
  • UIL performances and competitions;
  • Homecoming dances, proms, and after-prom activities;
  • Student organization banquets;
  • 10 high school athletic schedules;
  • District leadership meetings;
  • National Merit recognition ceremony;
  • Name That Book and Music Memory competitions; and
  • PTO, VIPS and booster club events.
How does the community use the Berry Center?
Examples of outside events include:
  • Graduation ceremonies: Alief ISD, DeVry University, Lone Star College, Kumon, Montessori schools;
  • KSBJ and AEG concerts;
  • Houston Family Arts Center;
  • Houston Center Stage Theater;
  • Cirque du Soleil;
  • Second Baptist Church; and
  • Corporate meetings.
How does the Berry Center benefit the community?
  • The proximity of the Berry Center increases attendance at student competitions and saves travel and parking expenses for the district parents and supporters.
  • Area businesses (restaurants, stores, etc.) benefit from events such as concerts, graduations and special bookings.
  • Parents and community members save approximately $120,000 annually in parking for graduation ceremonies compared to the Reliant Center.
  • Students save approximately $92,000 annually on prom ticket prices compared to proms held at hotels.
  • Patrons are able to attend other non-district events in their own community; saving on fuel costs and high parking fees, as well as avoiding traffic.
What is the annual cost to operate and maintain the Berry Center?
The operational cost for fiscal year 2009-2010 was $3.4 million.

How much revenue does the Berry Center bring in for the district? What district costs are offset by the Berry Center?
  • The revenue from rentals, catering, and concessions for outside events was $2.35 million for the 2009-2010 school year.
  • These revenues help offset the cost for district events at the Berry Center.
  • The net operational cost was $1.07 million or 0.14% of the district’s operating budget.
  • CFISD estimates $517,000 in cost avoidance in 2009-10 for necessary rental of outside facilities. (Examples: staff events, student instructional activities, college nights and graduations)
  • The food distribution center on the west side of the district provides a cost avoidance of approximately $420,000 per year for the Food Service budget.
  • Parents and students saved $212,000 on graduation parking fees and prom expenses alone.
Does the district plan to expand the number of outside users?
  • The district has developed a Business Plan to increase revenue from outside users in response to a recent management review conducted by a consulting firm.
  • The main purpose for the Berry Center is for student, staff, and parent use.
  • When the Berry Center is not needed for district events, it is rented for outside use.
  • Currently, the ratio of district to outside events is approximately 65% / 35%.
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Cypress Fairbanks ISD
Thu. Dec. 15, 2016 Windfern 7:00 PM Watch
Wed. May. 24, 2017 Windfern 7:00 PM Watch
Thu. May. 25, 2017 Cypress Springs 4:00 PM Watch
Thu. May. 25, 2017 Cypress Woods 8:00 PM Watch
Fri. May. 26, 2017 Jersey Village 8:00 AM Watch
Fri. May. 26, 2017 Langham Creek 12:00 PM Watch
Fri. May. 26, 2017 Cy-Fair 4:00 PM Watch
Fri. May. 26, 2017 Cypress Creek 8:00 PM Watch
Sat. May. 27, 2017 Cypress Falls 8:00 AM Watch
Sat. May. 27, 2017 Cypress Lakes 12:00 PM Watch
Sat. May. 27, 2017 Cypress Ranch 4:00 PM Watch
Sat. May. 27, 2017 Cypress Ridge 8:00 PM Watch
Wed. Aug. 24, 2016 Summer - All CFISD Schools 7:00 PM  

Alief ISD
Sun. Jun. 4, 2017 Hastings 9:00 AM Watch
Sun. Jun. 4, 2017 Taylor 12:30 PM Watch
Sun. Jun. 4, 2017 Elsik 4:00 PM Watch

Spring ISD
Sat. Jun 3, 2017 Dekaney 9:00 AM Watch
Sat. Jun 3, 2017 Spring 1:00 PM Watch
Sat. Jun 3, 2017 Early College 4:00 PM Watch
Sat. Jun 3, 2017 Westfield 6:30 PM Watch

Applies to All Graduations
* Applies to Summer Graduation ONLY

Do I need a ticket to attend graduation?
Yes, you must have a ticket to attend graduation. Tickets are issued through each high school.
* Yes, tickets for CFISD Summer Graduation are issued through the summer graduation coordinator.

Will concessions be open for graduation?
Yes, snacks and drinks.

Do you have handicap seating?
Yes, we do have handicap seats available. These seats are limited on the concourse level. You may also use the seats directly behind the graduates on the arena floor.

Do you provide wheelchairs?
We do have wheelchair escorts. However, due to a limited number of wheelchairs, the wheelchairs may not remain with you during the ceremony.

When may I enter the Berry Center?
One hour prior to the ceremony.
* 30 min. for CFISD Summer Graduation.

Are the seats reserved?
No, the seats are not reserved nor may you reserve seats.

Do you have elevators?
Yes, located at entrance 2 and 3.
* Entrance 2 only.

Do you have a handicap guest drop off?
Yes, located at entrance 2 and 3.
* Entrance 2 only.

Will interpreters be available for the hearing impaired?
Interpretation services for the hearing impaired will be provided at every Cy-Fair ISD graduation ceremony. Please sit in Section 107 to access this service.

How long is the graduation ceremony?
Approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.
* ~ 45 min. for CFISD Summer Graduation.

What is the cost of parking?
It is free to park.

May I bring a camcorder into the ceremony?
Yes, you may bring a camcorder. However, tripods and other professional equipment is prohibited.

How do I purchase a DVD of the ceremony?
You may purchase DVD(s) the day of the graduation or fill out the form here.
Old paper DVD order forms will not be accepted, please refer to the link above to order a DVD.
Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery, from the date of graduation.
* DVD's are not available for purchase for CFISD Summer Graduation.

How do I purchase a Commencement Photo?
Pictures are taken by a third-party, here is the link:

May I bring a camera into the graduation?
Yes, however professional photography equipment such as tripods/lights/shades are prohibited. DSLR Cameras with non super telephoto lenses (less than 200mm) are acceptable

May I bring a stroller to the ceremony?
No strollers are allowed.

Which entrance should I use to enter the Berry Center?
Entrance 2 or 3.
* Entrance 2 only.

May I bring food into the building?
No food is allowed. You may bring bottled water.

The following items are prohibited:
Air horns

Will the graduations be streamed?
Yes, the ceremonies will be broadcast on YouTube.
School District Video Stream Link
Cypress-Fairbanks Click here to view the stream
Alief Click here to view the stream
Spring Click here to view the stream

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